Lee 358 Gold 1.6” Regular Size and 15 CZs Setting on Name with Two Heart Tail 3D Necklace

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Feature :
Personalized 10K or 14K Gold 3D and two heart tail name necklace
42mm long regular size double plate with gold cable chain.
Approx. 17mm width and 42mm (1.625”) long 0.025”/0.015” thick.
Double plates with 15 Cubic Zirconia stone set finished
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Description :

This Personalized 10K or 14K Gold 15 Cubic Zirconia stones set finished two heart tail Name Necklace with gold cable chain can be personalized with the name of your choice!
The size of Name is 17mm width and 42mm (1.625”) long and 0.025”/0.015” thick double plate.
Your name can be up to 8 characters with no spaces; only the first letter will be capitalized, Your name will appear exactly as you type.
We handcraft each piece of jewelry to order and there is a production time of 7 days before being shipped out.
We make our jewelry with pride and always do our best to ensure quality and satisfaction to each and every piece of jewelry and we make out of the jewelry district of New York City.
It makes the gorgeous sweet 15th or 16th Birthday gift and also perfect accessory for prom, pageant, party, birthday, or other special occasions.
We make our jewelry with pride and always do our best for quality and satisfaction.
Order your distinctive designed two heart tail 3D name gold necklace as a great gift today!

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